Contemporary Flamenco


State Library of Victoria

On 27 November 2007, Dr Daniela Kaleva, Music Cataloguing Librarian, State Library of Victoria wrote:

Dear Greg, Damian and all other musicians who made this beautiful contemporary flamenco CD, which is filled with so much zest for life and love, I just catalogued the disk to the SLV database and the record will be exported to the national database, Libraries Australia. You should be assured that the disc is in good hands and will be preserved for posterity.

It is so special to discover a project in which all aspects are executed with such precision and professionalism and to experience music that speaks to my heart and uplifts my soul on so many levels. Thank you for the quote about music and silence Greg! It is beautifully expressed. I’ve always believed that music is about silence. It sounds lovely in Spanish too. I shall quote you if I may.

Your CD is the perfect Christmas present. I am certain that different audiences will find it relevant and exciting. Let me know when you play in Melbourne and I shall bring a small crowd of fans.

Blessings to all of you and wishes for many more such collaborations!

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