Contemporary Flamenco


ABC Limelight magazine – August 2011 Issue

- Seth Jordan
Since forming in 2005, Sydney’s Arrebato Ensemble has continued to evolve its collective sound, and the group’s self-titled ’07 album was an impressive debut. Fronted by Italian-Australian Greg Alfonzetti, the quintet’s latest release combines traditionally based Spanish boleros and tangos with a contemporary jazz aesthetic, creating intricate arrangements that are both sensitive and fiery.
Alfonzetti’s fluid fingering is nicely balanced by the emotive cello, guitar and oud of Damian de Boos-Smith, along with the sweet saxophones and harmonica of reedman Andrew Poniris.

The ensemble is joined on the title track by the Gondwana Alumni Choir, and other guests include Ukrainian accordionist Leonid Beshlei, Madrid vocalists Jose Gimenez and Adriana Lopez, ,and flamenco pianist Pablo Ruben Maldonado. With inventive support from ensemble members Dave Ellis on double bass and drummer Stuart Henderson, Absoluciòn proves itself to be a meticulously well-crafted album that stirs the emotions as well as the blood. 4.5/5 * SJ

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