Contemporary Flamenco

Technical Specifications

Download tech sheet, stage plot and freight information (Zip File) for Arrebato Ensemble here.

Arrebato Ensemble Tech Sheet

Greg Alfonzetti:
(Main nylon string guitar)

1 x D.I. for the guitar (has battery-powered pickup and preamp with ¼ inch jack output).
1 x quality mic to use in addition to pickup (optional – if mixing desk has enough channels).
1 x vocal mic to address the audience.
1 x standard dining-style armless chair with back.

Damian de Boos-Smith:
(cello, 2nd nylon string guitar, oud)

3 x D.I. for the cello, guitar and oud (all have battery-powered pickup and preamp with ¼ inch jack output).
1 x SM57 to use in addition to pickups, also used for palmas (hand clapping).
1 x standard dining-style armless chair with back.

Andrew Poniris:
(alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, harmonica, flute)

1 x SM58 dynamic mic (or similar) for flute and harmonica.
1 x other quality mic, preferably on same stand at lower level, for saxes.
1 x tall stool.

Dave Ellis:
(double bass)

1 x line input or D.I. that captures feed from the back of Dave’s preamp head (double bass has pickup).
1 x powered monitor speaker to attach to preamp head for Dave’s own stage monitoring (not required for Sydney performances… Dave can bring his own cabinet if within Sydney).
1 x tall stool.

Stuart Henderson:
(drums and percussion)

1 x Kick drum mic
5 x SM57 or similar mic (snare, djembe, cajon, rack tom, floor tom)
2  x overhead mic with good treble response to pick up cymbals, bells etc.
1 x drum stool
1 x drum carpet

Guest vocalist:
1 x SM58 or similar

Monitoring Requirements:

Minimum 4 foldback speakers. 5 foldback speakers preferable.
Minimum 3 aux sends.

Any questions, please contact Damian de Boos-Smith on mobile +61 414 938 996.

Arrebato Ensemble Stage Plan

Please provide foldback wedges for all five musicians if possible.

If only three wedges available:  Drummer to have one. / Cello + main guitar to share one. / Sax and Bass to share one.

Any further questions, please contact Damian (cello player) on +61 414 938 996.

Weights and dimensions of band equipment

Drummer (Stu):

Cajon in case = H 50cm x W 32 cm x D 30cm/4kg
Djembe in case = H 64cm x 42cm diameter/5kg
Cymbals in case = 60cm diameter x 13cm deep/12kg
Total(approx) = 21kg

Required Drum Kit Hire:
5 piece Yamaha, Ludwig or Pearl drum kit
22′ Bass Drum
14′ x 6 1/2′ Snare Drum
12′ or 13′ Rack Tom
16′ or 18′ Floor Tom (with legs – very important)
1 x snare stand
1 x hi-hat stand
1 x bass drum pedal
3 x straight cymbal stands
1 x boom cymbal stand
1 x gig carpet (very important)

Cello Player (Damian):

Cello in case: check-in approx 10kg. Height approx 1.5 metres
Guitar in case: check-in approx 5kg
Oud in case: hand luggage 2kg
Total(approx) = 17kg

Bass Player (Dave):

Double Bass in case: check-in 21 kg.
Approx 2 metres tall. 
Preamp: hand luggage or in suitcase 2 kg.

Guitar player (Greg):

Guitar in case: hand luggage approx 5kg

Sax player (Andrew):

Tenor Sax in case: check-in approx 4kg
Alto Sax in case: check-in approx 3kg
Flute and harmonica: negligible weight. Hand luggage or in suitcase.

(assuming drum kit is hired and provided)  approx  70kg

NB: does not include weight of suitcases and personal items.