Contemporary Flamenco

Greg Alfonzetti

Greg Alfonzetti, the founder of Arrebato Ensemble, commenced music at a young age and for over twenty years has been dedicated to flamenco guitar. He studied extensively in Spain with, among others, the great Pedro Bacan, and Carlos Heredia. He worked in this time at all levels of flamenco performance, from solo work to theatre work and dance accompaniment, including with internationally acclaimed flamenco artists such as Luis de Luis, Joaquin Ruiz, Antonio Vargas, Andres Pena, Felipe Maya and Jose-Louis Monton. In March 2004, he performed, with Antonio Vargas, at the inaugural opening of Singapore’s newly developed Art House on the site of old Parliament House.

He eventually became interested in composing and taking flamenco outside of its traditional applications, believing that flamenco, like all great musical genres, had an extraordinary capacity to evolve and touch people from a multitude of cultural and musical backgrounds. This ultimately led to the establishment and development of Arrebato Ensemble. In 2001, he was selected by internationally acclaimed Australian actor and director, Judy Davis, to compose original motifs and underscores which he also performed under her directorship in her adaptation of School for Scandal for the Sydney Theatre Company which ran a three month season in the Drama Theatre at Sydney’s Opera House. In the same year, he composed the music for Antonio Vargas’ production of House Plus, a work commissioned by Carnivale for its annual festival of multicultural events, performed at Sydney’s Seymour Centre. His focus now is in Arrebato Ensemble and the continued developement and presentation of its music.

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